Most Popular MCU & Development Boards in 2020

arduino development board

There are a lot of different development boards. In this article we will examine the most popular ones.

Arduino UNO

Arduino is among the one of the most popular development boards. It’s cheap and very easy to use. Moreover you can find tons of libraries which can you use for projects.

Arduino Uno

STM32 Family

Also, STM32 boards are very popular. They’re very strong and fast. Altough, it is bit expensive than Arduino boards but it is worth. Especially, STM32F4 boards are very popular.



PIC’ is one of the oldest star in this industry. It’s very cheap and easy to use. Still PIC’s are using in very different areas.

Texas Board

All we know, Texas Instruments is producing high quality products. Moreover, Texas boards is very popular for development purposes.

arduino development board

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