A Moving Lab: Stanford Shape Lab!

Shape Lab, established under the auspices of Stanford University, draws attention with its works. The laboratory working on human machine interaction and mobile robotic systems. The Shape Lab is currently coordinated by Sean Follmer. The lab, which has many award-winning publications, also does not neglect social assistance projects.They also involved in social studies, especially for students. In this article, we will examine some projects of the laboratory together.

Shape Shift

This work can be among the best shape displays. It is also great that the two systems work integrated with each other. In addition, thanks to the wheels in the system, a very different perception of dimension can be given to user. Moreover, all source codes and technical drawings of the system are shared as open source.


Bzz bzzz little robots are coming. These robots are also one of the interesting works of the Shape Lab. Your little helpers will wake you up when you fall asleep at your desk! These robots can communicate with each other and do successful things for herd missions.

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